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Scrap Metal Recycling & Container Services in Denver, Colorado

From scrap iron recycling to container services, Atlas Metal & Iron offers the solutions you need. Call our recycling center to learn more about our extensive services.

Scrap Metal Recycling
We recycle a variety of metals, the most popular of which is aluminum. Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals found in the earth and one of the most recyclable--it can be recycled without any loss of its natural qualities. We pay top prices for:

• Cans
• Clips
• Extrusions
• Casts
• Radiators
• Sheets
• Wheels
• Wire

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc most commonly used for plumbing, door hardware, and decorative antiquity. We recycle all types of brass, including:

• Yellow Brass • Red Brass • Semi-Red Brass

Copper is used for plumbing, electrical wiring, architecture, and coins. We recycle a variety of copper products, including:


• Tubing

• Radiators • Insulated Wire

Lead is a widely abundant, toxic metal that is most commonly found in small quantities in the Earth's crust. Some uses of lead include bullets, solder, radiation shields, and wheel weights. We recycle:

• Cables

• Wheel Weights • Sheets
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Computer recycling has become one of the most important tasks facing the recycling industry. Every year millions of computers and electronics become obsolete, yet only 10% of those computers actually get recycled properly. What we offer is top prices for your computer and electronics recycling as well as an opportunity to save the environment. We recycle:

• CPUs
• Power Supplies
• Disk Drives
• Motherboards
• ISA, & AGP Cards

Pure zinc is a bluish-white, shiny metal found in sheet or wire form. Sometimes it is used as a coating for galvanized iron to keep it from rusting. Some people actually mistake zinc for aluminum. We recycle all types of zinc products.

Catalytic Converters
In addition to scrap metal, we pay top dollar for catalytic converters! We accept all types of converters, including: beaded, honeycomb, European, and domestic models.

Container Services
Atlas Metal & Iron also offers free container services for commercial and industrial clients. We drop off the container at no cost to you! Once the container is filled with recyclable material, we'll come back and haul it away. It's just that simple.

Contact us right away at (303) 825-7166 in Denver, Colorado, for scrap metal recycling and container services.